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British coins obverses and busts comparison

The multiple obverses on British coins might be hard to identify or remember especially for new collectors. This comparison tool will assist you through the major recognized obverses through key design elements.

Shilling - Anne

Select two obverses below and click compare to search the main differences.

Obverses for other denominations and monarchs will be added soon.


Bust 1 vs Bust 2

Top hair - Bust 1

Tall, close and thick

Top hair - Bust 2

Medium, far and 1 large, 1 thin

Neck - Bust 1

Double chin

Neck - Bust 2


Nose - Bust 1

Long nostril

Nose - Bust 2

Short nostril

Ribbon - Bust 1

Far and long

Ribbon - Bust 2

Far and short

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