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Threepence - 1717 to 1727 - Price Guide

Struck during the reign of Elizabeth I and then again during the Civil War, minting of the threepence was resumed following the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660. By the early part of the 18th century the coin only really survived as a part of the small annual issues of Maundy Money.

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Variety VG-8 F-12 VF-20 EF-40 AU-50 AU-55
1717 --£30.00£52.00£76.00£88.00
1721 --£34.00£55.20£78.60£90.30
1723 --£34.00£62.00£98.00£116
1727 --£34.00£60.00£95.00£97.90
Variety MS-60 MS-62 MS-63 MS-64 MS-65 MS-66 MS-67
1717 £100------
1721 £102------
1723 £134------
1727 £130------
Variety PR-60 PR-62 PR-63 PR-64 PR-65 PR-66 PR-67
1717 -------
1721 -------
1723 -------
1727 -------

Proof (PR): Planchets of these coins (not intended for circulation) were polished before struck (usually struck twice for higher quality). The field of Proof coins wear a cameo aspect.

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